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The use of technology has become essential for everyone, from the home, to the office, to the retail experience. technology integration is just one piece of the overall solution, and we do our best to match every aspect of design, style and architecture to the application .


we bring our tested methods, superior skills and trusted brands, and leverage them in just the right amounts to create the best experience and the most efficient use of your precious time and our precious resources. 


Paulus, R.

"What we ultimately ended up with a more sophisticated, integrated and personalized than what we initially designed. "


"It's a full-on experience for guests [avocado green]. Tying that audio and visual experience together is just unheard of."

Ong, C.K.

Beverly Hills SMART Homes

Sullivan, T.

"Jay produced great Results. He met all of his commitments and the end product and the quality of the work exceeded our expectations."